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Saturday, August 3 (8 - 9:30am)

About the Course

$60 per person for the "hands on" workshop of 12 participants. Pre-register Registrations open July 19. The fee includes necessary nib maintenance materials which you will take home at the end. When possible, free auditing of the workshop can be done from the back of the room so long as it does not interfere with the "hands on" learners.

For those who learn best by getting their hands involved, Nib Tailor will guide participants through fountain pen nib anatomy and manipulation to better understand the fundamentals of what makes a nib write well. Please bring the best quality 10x loupe that you have access to (If possible, it's better to borrow a decent loupe from a friend rather than rush out and buy a cheap one. Any power from 7x to 12x should work, 10x Triplet lens is a solid standard.)

Your Instructor

JC Ament

JC Ament

Heeding the advice of his mentor in 2018; the Nib Tailor grinds, tunes, and repairs fountain pen nibs for a writing experience to suit you. Focus is on precision nibwork in both innovative and traditional approaches offered as a service to your own pens as well as premade products, such as the Pret-a-Porter customized nib series.

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