2021 Washington DC Fountain Pen SUPERSHOW
Aug 05, 10:00 AM – Aug 08, 5:00 PM
Marriott Fairview Park,
3111 Fairview Park Dr, Falls Church, VA 22042, USA

COVID UPDATE 8/1/21:  

We have decided we have to require masks for all attendees in all exhibition and seminar areas. We have disposable masks available at the DC Pen Show registration table. The hotel has many hand sanitizing locations spread throughout the exhibition area and we also have mini bottes of sanitizer available at the registration desk (no charge).

This has been an extremely difficult decision but it is made to provide protection for the exhibitors, weekend traders, and public attendees.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now recommending that fully vaccinated people put their masks back on when indoors in public, at least in the areas of the US where COVID-19 is spreading fastest.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said Tuesday that "the Delta variant behaves uniquely differently" compared with other versions of the virus and that vaccinated people "may be contagious and spread the virus to others."

Attendees will be from all over the country and this is the responsible decision.


Bob Johnson started the DC Pen SUPERSHOW in 1992. With his continued vision and dedication in establishing a venue for pen enthusiasts to meet, sell, and discuss their interest in fountain pens, Bob created the largest pen show in the world drawing attendees from numerous countries and states.

The 30th Anniversary of the SUPERSHOW is dedicated to Bob who passed away in September 2020.​



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Preshow: Weekend Traders and Table holders only. No assigned tables.



Preshow: Weekend Traders and Table Holders have assigned tables.




SUPERSHOW: Open to the public. $10 daily admission, cash or check at the entrance

First 200 public admissions will receive a free bottle of "Bob's Blue" 2021 DC Pen Show special edition ink from YAFA BRANDS



SUPERSHOW: Open to the public. $10 daily admission, cash or check at the entrance

First 200 public admissions will receive a free bottle of "Bob's Blue" 2021 DC Pen Show special edition ink from YAFA BRANDS


What is a Weekend Trader?

Weekend Traders are pen enthusiasts who want more time with exhibitors and other pen hobbyists.   They are people who enjoy this hobby or who have a pen oriented business.  They want to meet and talk with other people who enjoy the pen world and in person social interaction.

Some weekend traders bring items to sell - on Thursday, they can sit at a table but cannot do this on other days.  They can go directly to table holders and sell their items on any day.  They do not want to be limited to a table to sell their items.


Weekend traders are permitted to enter exhibit areas earlier than the public on Sat and Sun.  Also, this year 2 special events will be open to weekend traders - Fri evening a Welcome Party sponsored by the Marriott and Sat evening a Party sponsored by The Pen Family and nibs.com.


People who purchase a weekend trader pass prior to August 1 will receive a free bottle of "Bob's Blue" 2021 special edition ink from Yafa Brands.  Otherwise, this ink is free for the first 200 public admissions on Sat and Sun.

YAFA BRANDS has provided the 2021 DC Pen Show Grand Prize drawing for a Pineider Psycho Limited Edition Fountain Pen ($2,498 Value!) as seen below on the DC Pen Show post card 

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DC Pen Show Specials for August 7 and 8:

  • PEN WORLD magazine will offer special subsciption deals good at the show.  If you sign up at the show, your public admission fee will be refunded at the Registration/Admission table with validation.

  • XEZO will have 100 boxes of ink cartridges and 100 boxes ballpoint refills available - free - 1 per person.  Visit the Xezo table.   

  • RIGGS PENS will giveaway 300 all-metal, gold-tone lapel pins.  Visit the Riggs table.

  •  PILOT PENS will have a door prize drawing on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of one Pilot “Ishime” fountain pen, retail $750, each day.  Enter at the Pilot Pen table - you must be present at the DC Pen Show to win.  The drawing will take place at 3 pm each day.

  • LUXURY BRANDS OF AMERICA will introduce a special D.C. Pen Show ink for this year from Colorverse Ink, the COVID-19 Memorial Ink, "Rising Reflections."









     This ink's label is of the reflection pool of the Washington Monument in D.C. where the pool is lined with lights to honor all of the Americans who lost their lives to the COVID-19 pandemic. Colorverse also added a yellow heart in the design as a "meaning of memorial and hope for the future." The ink's colors: a pale luxurious yellow is to symbolize not only a country but an entire world which is starting over and rising to a new era post pandemic; the turquoise glistening is to remember and reflect on all of those who lost their lives to the pandemic. This ink is not only representative of moving forward as a nation but also looking back on the past year and half to learn, reflect and grow as one nation, and one world which has been impacted by a global virus. 

     This ink is available only to dealers who are attending the D.C. Pen Show. The ink can be bought from Luxury Brands at the show for $20 but MUST BE RE-SOLD at $20. This ink is not about making profits, it's about coming together and helping people who need it most. Luxury Brands of America and Colorverse Ink will be donating ALL of the proceeds to the Salvation Army COVID-19 Relief Efforts, which can be found here:  COVID19 | The Salvation Army USA

  • ODYSSEY NOTEBOOKS will have 200 cotton tote bags available - free - 1 per person. Visit the Odyssey Notebooks table.  Here are pictures of Odyssey Notebooks:

  • LIGHTBRINGER DESIGNS will provide Amodex and Lava hand soap in the rest rooms in case you have an ink accident!  Clean up right away before the stain sets!  Stop at the Lightbringer table to take your own home after you see how well they work! Both the 1 oz travel bottle with the easy adjust tip & free brush & 4 oz refill bottles. 

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odyssey notebook_edited.jpg
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Artus Pens from Russia will attend the DC Pen Show! 
Artus Pens Limited Editions are just 11 pens max. All hand painted and signed by master artists.


Tips on Attending a Pen Show?

Check out this You Tube video with great tips for newbies and experienced pen show attendees:



COVID INFORMATION - updated 7/26/21

CDC and Virginia Covid health recommendations will be enforced as necessary in August.  Covid vaccines are highly recommended for the safety of exhibitors and attendees and are widely available.  If you have not yet been vaccinated, we highly recommend you do so immediately.  The DC metropolitan area has an adult vaccination rate of almost 70%.

We will have disposable masks available.  The Marriott has hand sanitizing stations throughout the hotel.


Continue to look at this website for any updates or changes in Covid recommendations and requirements.


DC Pen Show

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Falls Church, VA 22044


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