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Special Events

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Introducing Nib Wars!

On August 5, in a galaxy far, far away (okay, it’s at the Marriott Fairview Park), four nib grinders will compete in the inaugural Nib Wars during the D.C. Pen Show!

These masters of their craft will compete head-to-head in three events where they will be tasked with grinding a specific nib to perfection during each round of the competition.

They will be judged on how well they executed the task at hand. There can only be one winner.

Join us to find out who we’ll crown the galaxy’s best nib grinder!

Learn more & register.

Japanese Chinkin Art Demonstration

Visit the Taccia table for an on-site demonstration of Japanese Chinkin Art by famous artist Maeda Yasutaka. Don't miss this rare opportunity to see a master of these amazing three dimensional works of art.

Demonstrations occur 10AM - 4PM on Friday and Saturday (lunch break from 12-1PM).

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